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The amazing weather recently inspired me to make something special for my friend Lizzy's birthday.

What's more fun in the sun than a proper picnic? Not a lot! So when I found this picnic blanket tote tutorial I was mega chuffed.

Picnic blanket and bag in one
To make the blanket suitably goffick for the lovely Lizzy I chose some fab black paisley cotton from fabricland and some red rip stop to make the underside waterproof.

I also decided to go a bit bigger than the pattern - after testing it out on the carpet I realised a picnic blanket for two really needs to be at least 1.5m squared.

Resizing just made it a bit tougher to fit the blanket in the bag. I eventually managed it with a little help from my friends and a few extra folds!

The only other thing I did differently was to sew the bag and handles to the underside before I sewed the full blanket together (basically doing step 2 of the tutorial last).

This just made it a bit neater as there wasn't any stitching on the topside of the blanket.
Picnic blanket and bag in one
The blanket in action
Although the paisely fabric wasn't wide enough, the added black border actually finished it off really well.

I'm really pleased with how this one turned out. What do you think?

Whilst researching I discovered a good idea for future creations - this patchwork picnic blanket has rock pockets underneath so it doesn't take off on breezy days. Neat eh?

Ooh, I just had a total brainwave!

How about a picnic blanket tote with rock pockets that's a patchwork of all my old band t-shirts - wouldn't that make the ultimate festival accessory?! Definitely adding it to my ever-growing project list!


09/05/2011 04:22

Your picnic blanket tote looks great.

Thanks for sharing the link :)

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